The dashboard.
Keeping you in control of the visitor experience

Dashboard features.
The essentials to boost your visitor productivity

Roles & responsibilities
Assign different roles to your team members and set their permissions accordingly.
Visitor overview
Get a complete overview over everyone who has visited your premises and when.
Logs and History
All visits are stored for 12 months (except on the Starter Plan), and you can export your visit logs any time you want.
Visitor management
Manage your visitors information to keep your database up to date.
Blocking ability
In the rare event of issues with a visitor, Istaqbaal allows you to block them and they'll be unable to sign in to the system.
We host Istaqbaal on the world's fastest cloud servers with 99.9% uptime. Customer delight never sleeps.
Safe and secure
Istaqbaal is secured through standard 256-bit SSL encryption. Keeping data safe makes us happy.
Works on all devices
Our apps and web applications work on all devices, across browsers and are responsive. Warm greetings know no boundaries.
Real-time synchronization
Data is synchronized in real-time between touch points. Because creating a good first impression can't wait.

Visitor Experience your guests will love.
And one they deserve

Create great first impressions for your visitors by providing them with a welcoming, seamless visitor experience that reflects well on your brand.
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